Construction Machinery
Build your business on stable foundation. Use the business cycle and new chances on the building market and plan courageously your investments. We guarantee clear financing rules and customer care representative for the period of leasing.
We finance:
We offer financing of universal and specialized machinery, making use in your business:
  • loaders,
  • diggers,
  • digger-loaders,
  • graders,
  • rollers,
  • splitters,
  • hammers,
  • demolishon cutters,
  • cranes.
Conditions of leasing contract:
  • financing up to 100% of the transaction value
  • operating and financial leasing
  • contract period– up to 60 months
  • currency – PLN, EUR, CHF
  • leasing instalments – variables based on market interest rates (WIBOR, EURIBOR, LIBOR) or constants based on constant interest rate
  • final value in case of operating leasing – fixed in accordance with tax regulations, under the market value of the object
  • insurance – we offer an attractive insurance package (OC/AC/NNW)
  • security – based on standard on bill of exchange in blanco.

Advantages for our clients:
1. When using operating leasing, client benefits from following tax deductible expenses:
  • initial leasing fee,
  • leasing instalment,
  • costs connected with the vehicle exploitation,
  • insurance fees,
  • VAT – fully deductable
2. When using financial leasing, client benefits from following tax deductible expenses:
  • part of interest rates from leasing instalment
  • costs connected with the vehicle exploitation
  • insurance costs
  • vehicle depreciation
  • VAT - fully deductable
 * In financial leasing VAT is payable upfront for the complete duration of the leasing contract.