Truck & Trailers
To  run a successful business, you need: vehicles and capital. Therefore make use of them and leave financing to us! We guarantee clear financing rules and customer care representative for the period of leasing.
We finance:
  • delivery cars and trucks
  • trailers
  • specialized vehicles
  • busses
  • tractors
Conditions of leasing contract:
  • financing up to 100% of the transaction value
  • operating and financial leasing
  • contract period– up to 60 months
  • currency – PLN, EUR, CHF
  • leasing instalments – variables based on market interest rates (WIBOR, EURIBOR, LIBOR) or constants based on constant interest rate
  • final value in case of operating leasing – fixed in accordance with tax regulations, under the market value of the object
  • insurance – we offer an attractive insurance package (OC/AC/NNW)
  • security – based on standard on bill of exchange in blanco.

Advantages for our clients:
1. When using operating leasing, client benefits from following tax deductible expenses:
  • initial leasing fee,
  • leasing instalment,
  • costs connected with the vehicle exploitation,
  • insurance fees,
  • VAT – fully deductable
2. When using financial leasing, client benefits from following tax deductible expenses:
  • part of interest rates from leasing instalment
  • costs connected with the vehicle exploitation
  • insurance costs
  • vehicle depreciation
  • VAT* –  taxpayer can deduct 60% of VAT from the leasing instalment or other fees, resulting from the concluded contract, however the total amount of VAT deductions in period of vehicle leasing can not exceed 6000 PLN

 * In financial leasing VAT is payable upfront for the complete duration of the leasing contract.